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November 2015

“We had so much fun”!

Students do like a day outside the classroom, enjoying a wonderful, sunny day! They had fun running and competing in many sports activities last Wednesday, 11th November. It was our Sports day. Most students wish to repeat the same experience another day.

They were presented with two kinds of games which are not so popular with students: boxing and hockey. Hopefully more students will join sports clubs to practice sport. It is very important for students to keep their bodies healthy by practising some kind of physical activity. Besides, it is important for their mental balance to be physically fit. Finally they need to experience lots of skills through group work by following some strict rules.

They had many games including running, jumping, filling cups with water etc. But the climax of the day was reached when they challenged their own teachers! Students simply love it, if they succeed in beating their teachers even though it’s just one single game! In fact they were so bubbly when they won the last tug of war game. Pictures are found at our Photos page.

“Food Glorious Food.”

Today it’s the turn of those students studying Home Economics’ special section: Preparing Food. At times one has some ingredients and wants to know if it’s possible to prepare some kind of food. Or how about knowing what to buy before preparing a particular kind of food? Or how about calculating the nutritional value of food?

Others have already collected some recipes, could they be incorporated into one program? Or could one classify his/her recipes in a different way? Those who are living in the fast lane would like to find the essential recipe with the least amount of time, is it possible?

Well, all this is possible because of Gourmet Recipe Manager which is a recipe-organizer available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Practically it allows you to collect, search, organize, and browse your recipes. Want to have a try? Well go here to download. If you would like some information about the program, than go here. Do you have more questions? Well go here.


50 new trees planted in our school

On Thursday 29th October 2015 MRC MGS  Ekoskola Team together with the Mosta Local Council, HSBC Mosta Branch Manager and the Ministry for the Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change took part in a tree planting activity within the school premises.

The Local Council donated 50 indigenous trees (Żnuber – Aleppo Pine  and Gharghar-Sandarac Gum Tree type) to be planted in the school garden which is currently in the process of being renovated as part of the Green Urban Areas Project Scheme.  Ten trees were planted together with the Mosta Major Mr. Edwin Vassallo, Honorable Minister Leo Brincat, Head of School Ms. Lina Deduara, all Ekoskola students and their respective teachers – Ms. Fiona Vella Ciangura, Mr. Marie Clare Cassar and Mr. Shawn Vella.

The other trees will be planted after the whole garden will be landscaped with the help of local expertise and an new irrigation system installed in place. Just click HERE for photos.

I’m fed up of listening to the news!

It’s a common cry from teenagers who are bored to death when listening to the same old, tragic and pessimistic kind of news. Some people are convinced that the only kind of news we receive are those broadcasted by radios, TVs, newspapers etc…

Well, with the invention of the internet, the news have changed. On the internet one can look for positive news or type of news which are not popular on all stations. These are made popular by ‘normal people’ who try to report ‘normal human experience’ which might serve as a lesson to other human beings who are all the time bombarded by the negative slant in the popular news.

Well we are providing just 2 links…hopefully our readers will give us more links!

Positive News

Daily Good News

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