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January 2016

The Principal of our college comes to our school

Last Friday, the 29th of January, the Principal of our college, Mr Patrick Decelis,principal paid us a visit. He attended the assembly where a presentation on Bulgaria was taking place. He was pleased that students from different countries were working together as one team. He pointed out that this was a great asset for our college. He insisted on respecting each other as this would lead to a better school. Later on he had other meetings, including the administration of the school and all the teaching staff. Photos about this occasion can be found here.

Hands-On Experience – 100 Engineering Projects

Students prefer to experiment in order to understand. We call it hands-on experience. In this case the students don’t expect to find everything ready made in the photocopied teacher’s notes but they rather learn through various experiments which includes mistakes. Mistakes are not to be viewed as something negative but rather steps towards a better understanding.

Paper airplane and blue sky
Paper airplane and blue sky


Most of the famous scientists, inventors, innovators, creative people, experimented an infinite number of times. Finally, after so many years of perspiration, they got the answer that they were looking for. Here is the link.

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