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March 2016

Is our food/water poisoned?

We hear that pesticides are being used for crops….is it safe to eat food nowadays? What about our water? If farmers use pesticides, does it effect our water table? These and other questions raise people’s awareness about the health of the food that we eat plus the water that we drink. There has been a study by one of our students, Francesca Marie Sant of 4.8. It’s quite interesting. Thanks for providing such enlightening study. Good luck and keep it up!

More information about her study is found here.

Organic Products

What’s Eko-Skola?

The EkoSkola group has been having a very busy schedule since the beginning of the scholastic year. During the first months, the EkoSkola committee requested all students to provide suggestions on how to improve the school environment. The suggestions mainly included: adding new coloured benches, more dustbins, tree swings, flowers planted in the garden to brighten it, painted walls, beds for cats and bird tables for birds, display of students’ works, picnic area, art graffiti on the walls, hammocks, turf in garden, recycling bins and Christmas decorations. EkoSkola

EkoSkola held numerous meetings with LEAF representatives Mr Johann Gatt and Ms Elizabeth Agius where they provided feedback and suggestions regarding the ambitious task to revive the school garden. Furthermore, Mr Neville Ebejer (PARK’s Environment Officer) paid a visit to our school to explain the best way to enhance the school garden. Amongst his recommendations of various ways on how to landscape the garden, he suggested to keep it Mediterranean. The outing to Buskett helped us to identify which plants fit best in our garden and to appreciate local ecosystems. The collected seeds of local flora include the Holm Oak (Is-Siġra tal-Ballut), the Lentisk Tree (Deru) and the Bay Laurel (Ir-Randa). We held a germination activity at school and we are pleased to say that the Lentisk have sprouted!

More details plus photos are to be found here.

A presentation is found here.

Celebrating Diversity at our School

One of the Key Areas that our school is working on whole-heartedly is the well-being and integration of foreign students since 13% of our school population are foreign students. To date, our foreign students come from 23 different countries: Bulgaria, China, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Moldova, Nigeria, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Sweden, Thailand, United Kingdom (UK), Australia, Croatia, Germany, United States of America (USA), Eritrea, Mauritius, Turkey and Zimbabwe.

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Photos about diversity, click here.

To view the ppt of the students coming from the UK, just click here.

Ppt from Bulgaria, click here.

Ppt from Hungary, click here.

Ppt from Italy, click here.

Ppt from Malta, click here.

Ppt from Moldova, click here.

Ppt from Thailand, click here.

Ppt from Slovakia, click here.


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