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April 2016

A tiny miracle is happening in our school!

Our abandoned area in the school yard has seen an incredible transformation. Teachers (Ms Vella Ciangura Fiona and Mr Shawn Vella + other teachers, students (the learning zone team and others), have joined forces in order to change the environment in which we spend so many hours. They had help from other teachers (design and technology group collaborating with ekoskola) and experts (ie Dr Sandro Lanfranco) in order to identify the plant species in the garden. Because the temperature is reaching record figures this year, it is necessary to water the garden once or twice a week.

The following noticeable changes took place:

  • setting up of coffee tables, building of more rubble walls
  • designing garden steps
  • setting new footpaths using old tiles
  • hedgehog planters made of used plastic bottles. Work done by learning zone team
  • setting up of bird feeders
  • setting pebbles and cleaning footpaths and behind benches

An action plan has been activated. Some Statistics are found here.

More photos in the Photos Page.



Brighten Up Our School

‘Brighten Up Our Day’ was a whole day activity which took place on the 1st of March. Teachers organised lessons in a different way. Students were asked to take part in these activities.

These activities take off the stress of the exams as well as students learn how to work in a team. What is more, they also learn information they didn’t know. Furthermore, it is made for students who come to school with pleasure and joy.

The link for the rest of the document about this activity is found here. Photos about this day are found here. A video done by the Maltese Police Force is found here.


Brighten Up Our School

Designing your own room!

Some students would like to design their own room. Maybe they have ideas about their school too. They would like to see a different school. Maybe have different classes.

They don’t want to become architects but they have a special love for design. They want something simple, easy to use and very practical. Well, we are providing another free and open source software in order to fulfill their dreams.


Sweet Home 3D is a free interior design application that helps you draw the plan of your house, arrange furniture on it and visit the results in 3D. It should fulfill their dreams. It’s another asset for teachers teaching design and technology. If you wish to download it, click here. For videos and other help click here. For some quick photos about results that could be obtained by using Sweet Home 3D, just click here.



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