Some students feel embarrassed when finding great difficulties in reading texts. Most probably they feel shy to speak about their difficulties. dyslexic

As in all difficulties, when one doesn’t speak about his/her problem, the chances of overcoming it would be very slim. At our school one would find various kinds of help. Today we wish to focus on computer related solution. Can one have a font which helps these kind of students? Yes there is and it’s called open dyslexic font. It could be downloaded from here.

If one needs help how to install fonts in windows; mac or linux, one easy guide is found here.

One can use the same fonts when browsing through a browser (a program with which one goes into the internet). There are addons which change the original fonts of websites.

Addon for Firefox is found here.
Addon for Chrome is here.
Addon for Opera is here.
Addon for Safari is here.