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March 2017

Sports Day 2017

The day of fun and of physical activity was celebrated in style! It was celebrated on Thursday the 30th of March. Students mingled with their teachers in a joyful way. As usual, outside the classroom, students connect with their peers and teachers in a unique way. At the end of the day, various groups of students played tug-of-war against their own teachers! Pictures of this memorable day are found here.

Malta Mathematics Olympiad

Some students turn white when facing a mathematics exam paper! Others suffer from dyscalculia ie anything which has to do with numbers causes severe panic attack. Yet other students see numbers everywhere. Well we do use mathematics in our lives whether we are filling up our car; measuring our height; baking some mouth watering recipe etc…….Our students proudly participated in the Malta Mathematics Olympiad, a Mathematics competition between schools that is held every two years. For pictures, please click here.

Music Option Outing

On Monday, the 27th of March, some Music Option students, class 3.7 and other students who were interested attended the Music Option Annual Concert, which took place at the Inquisitor’s Palace in Birgu. Luna Vuksa, a Music Option student in 4.2, represented our school by playing a classical piece on the piano. After the concert, the students were involved in a tour around the palace and also a presentation on string and brass instruments. The outing was organised by Ms Sabrina Muscat (Music Teacher) and Ms A. M. Cilia (History Teacher). To see photos, just click Here.

Water Scarcity in the Maltese Islands

“The EkoSkola committee wants to raise awareness about water scarcity in the Maltese Islands. Through this video, we want to show, that together, we can be more sustainable.” Please click on this link to enjoy watching the video. A full report (The Aquifer Recharge Project) is found here.


Last Friday the 24th of March, some of our students where visibly excited when visiting the Ta’ Qali Pavilion for the Robotics’ annual appointment. They put their hands on rarely seen equipment. Robot fighting and the driving of cars were some of the most popular activities.

Students learned more through hands-on approach, provided that they were ready to experiment many times and that each experience formed part of a learning curve. The use of robots involved many hours of experimenting and lots of failed attempts. Yet each attempt brought students nearer to their goal. On the other hand, although teachers were always ready to help, students had to experiment on their own to make their own and unique experience. In other words students were invited to ‘move outside the box’. More photos in this link.

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