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April 2017

Mosta Secondary School involved in the informal meeting of Environment Ministers

Samira Axiak representing the Ekoskola Committee at the Informal Meeting of the EU Environment  Council. She presented the Geo Inf infiltration system we carried out at school, discussed the importance of water in our islands and also read part of the Ekoskola formal Declaration of the Summit carried out on the 3rd April. One can view the Video.

Ekoskola students talked about the school projects at a local radio (Radio Moca ) at PBS studios. One can view the mentioned events in Photos.

Anti-Bullying Campaign

20170410_133439As part of the anti-bullying campaign, the students council, led by Ms Tiziana Camilleri and Ms Josette Formosa, with the help of the SMT (Senior Management Team) and other teachers, organized a logo showing two hands holding a heart. This was made up by students themselves, with form 3 and form 4 students forming the hands and form 5 students being the heart of the school. The students fully cooperated and were very enthusiastic about it, showing that together we can succeed! The council wishes to thank everyone who in some way or another helped and made this activity a successful one.

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