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September 2017

We have just started a new scholastic year

On the 25th of September, a new scholastic year began. Students were very enthusiastic to meet new friends and teachers. For those attending year 9, it was a new school ! So they had some teething problems in order to find the right class. All in all, everything is in place now. Let’s keep our enthusiasm for learning throughout the whole year! Keep it up! Some pictures are available on the page of photos.


Who gives names to Hurricanes?

When the weather report mentions hurricanes, they are always given a name. Well, who names hurricanes? Is it by random? Do they follow any particular order? Here is the answer….



Didier Deschamps: ‘In today’s society an 18-year-old wants everything and they want it straightaway’

There are a lot of comments about the young people of today. The latest comment comes from a sports man who is used to work with young people. He has worked with many of them. We are inviting our readers to discuss and share their opinion…..Read the article in our discussion page.

More or Less Technology in the classroom?

We have interactive white boards plus laptops in our classrooms today. Shall we add more technology or shall we have less? What do you think?

Some people have technophobia (they hate technology) or technophilia (they love technology). In any case, whatever gadget is in the classroom, or teaching and learning method used, it should ultimately help students, teachers and parents too.

This article should be used as a spring board for discussion…..


Some New Appointments for the next few days!

Please note that there is a meeting for all parents next Wednesday. Form 3s parents will have the meeting at 17.00 till 18.00. Form 4s parents will meet at 18.00 till 19.00. Whilst Form 5s will meet from 19.00 till 20.00. If you  didn’t receive any mail by post, please phone school immediately so as to ask for details. Parents need to bring money as well to pay for locker (+ key), diary and photocopies.


Students will start the New Scholastic Year 2017-2018 on Monday, 25th of September, 2017!


If you don’t want to visit webpages or receive emails or sms, you can follow a simple procedure to have your daily calendar upated instantaneously by following the directions found on this link. All your electronic media (tablets, smart phones, smart watches, TVs, laptops, PCs etc…) will all be updated at once!!

Some interesting articles to read…

Dear Parents,

Have you ever noticed that your children are so comfortable using modern technology? Have you ever felt embarrassed because you couldn’t solve a problem but was later solved by your own children at the blink of an eye? At other times you felt that social media are taking over in your house, you wanted to take control, but felt at a loss? Well here is an excellent article for discussion…..just click here. If you want to discuss this article, just click here.


Hey Students and Parents!

You are tired of reading the same old books. How about being updated regarding the latest books or the most trendy? Goodreads provide an excellent guide for all ages and for all types of genre! Just click here.

If you would like to know more about books click here.

Ms Gatt leaves our school

Dear All,
This is my last message as Head of School at Mosta Secondary (Lily of the Valley).
It was a pleasure working with you all, students, parents and teachers alike. I must admit it was a tough year, but all experiences help us grow, if taken with the right attitude.
I have been asked to move to another place of work, however before I leave I wish to pass on the following messages:
First of all to STUDENTS: Never give up…. reach for the stars…. life is tough and some of you have already gone through experiences that might have left their scars on you….. Look ahead. You have a whole life before you. Make the best of it. To all the rest I say, keep going strong… be grateful towards your supportive family. Always do your best. I wish you the best of luck xx
To PARENTS: Show your children that you love them. Support them… Help them bring out the very best.
To TEACHERS: Keep up the good work! Always respect your students. They are sharp and quick to realise who really wishes them well. A few of them stretch us to our limit….. BUT an educator is one who goes beyond what can be seen, in order to help each and every student reach his/her full potential. Good luck!!

Miss Johanna Gatt

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