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October 2017

An incredible story of a blind man and the double amputee

How many times we simply give up?! It’s too much. I can’t do it! It’s too difficult! It’s beyond me….Well just looking around and looking for stories we find many people who don’t have what we take for granted….yet they give out an incredible answer against all odds! Read about this incredible story here.

Blind man and the double amputee

Meeting for parents and students regarding SEC exams

L-applikazzjonijiet għar-reġistrazzjoni tal-eżamijiet tas- SEC ser ikunu miftuħin bejn is-6 u s-17 ta` Novembru. Għaldaqstant ser issir laqgħa għall-istudenti tal-ħames sena sekondarja u l-ġenituri tagħhom.
Waqt din il laqgħa il `Career Advisor` tal-Kulleġġ ser jkun qed jagħti aktar dettalji u informazzjoni dwar l-applikazzjonijiet u l-eżamijiet tas-SEC.
It-taħdita waqt din il-laqgħa ser tkun bil-Malti.
DATA : It-Tnejn 30 t`Ottubru
ĦIN : 6.00p.m.

POST: Sekondarja Mosta Żokrija


Please note that registration for SEC exams will be open from 6th to 17th November. An information meeting is going to be held for fifth formers and their parents/guardians.
During this meeting the college Career Advisor will be giving further details and information about SEC applications and exams. This meeting will be in English.
DATE: Tuesday 31st October 2017
TIME: 6.00pm
VENUE: Mosta Secondary ŻOKRIJA.


Quddiesa għall-istudenti tal-10 u 11-il sena

Nhar l-Erbgħa 25 t’Ottubru saret quddiesa fis-sala tal-iskola għall-istudenti tal-10 u l-11-il sena fl-okkażjoni tal-ftuħ tas-sena skolastika. Il-quddiesa kienet iċċelebrata mid-direttur spiritwali tal-iskola Fr Alfred Vassallo.


Ġnien l-Ilwien (Garden of colours)

Ġnien L-ilwien is open for ALL students every Friday during Mid-day Break.

Lots of work has been done to embellish our school garden and to provide more seating areas and bins. Now all students can come enjoy some peace and quiet and breathe some fresh air. You are all welcome. Please use the footpaths and DO NOT LITTER!

Thanks, The EkoSkola team. You can visit their page here.

Ġnien l-Ilwien

How many soft drinks do you drink?

It’s public knowledge that most of our teens like to drink ‘soft drinks’. It is another challenge of how to convince them to go for alternatives and more healthy drinks. As usual in education we need to understand our teens’ needs and opinions and try to match them with what adults call  a healthy drinking life style. A good article for discussion is found in the discussion page.

soft drinks

Do plants count?

We know that some students hate mathematics, numbers, counting……but what about plants? Do they know how to count? What do you think? Which living organisms have a brain? How about a scientific discussion? If you want to watch the video then go to the Discussion page.

Do plants count?


Environmental Studies

Environmental studies exam is a combination of Geography, History and Social Studies. As part of the SEC exam, a project of not more than 1500 words needs to be presented. Attached please find some information about the project titles, syllabus etc.  Just click here.
Ms F. Vella Ciangura
Environmental Studies

Visit by Ms Michelle Muscat and other activities

This week we were honoured by the visit of the wife of the Prime Minister, Ms Michelle Muscat, for the Pink October activities. She was visiting on behalf of the Marigold Foundation. For more pictures click here.

Visit by Ms Michelle Muscat.

Left: Ms Michelle Muscat; Right: Ms Louise Azzopardi [Head of School]


Nhar it-Tnejn 9 t’Ottubru giet organizzata l-Quddiesa annwali li tfakkar il bidu ta’ sena skolastika ġdida fil-Kulleġġ tagħna. Din saret fir-Rotunda tal-Mosta u ghaliha attendew rappreżentanti mill-iskejjel kollha tal-Kulleġġ. L-iskola tagħna kienet irrappreżentata mill-istudenti tad-9 sena.

Kemm il-Prinċipal tal-Kulleġġ u kemm l-Arċipriet tal-Mosta enfasizzaw il-bżonn tal-għaqda bejn l-istudenti u l-għalliema tal-Kulleġġ. L-Arċipriet enfasizza wkoll il-punt li l-istudenti għandhom ifittxu dejjem il-verita` u ma jinġarrux mill-kurrent. Iktar ritratti jinsabu hawn.


During the current week, we had a visit by Russian Teachers too. More photos in here.

Which is the best way to study?

Teachers and parents know quite well that what’s so interesting for one student, for another student is rather dull! People are different. Different people learn through different methods. Some students complain that nobody has ever showed them how to study. They feel at a loss. Well this article tries to help students to get to know themselves better in order to find the right method for their personality. Would you like to give it a try? Just go to the discussion page.

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