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November 2017

Our school is participating in the Prince’s Trust XL (Achieve) Programme

Students following the Prince’s Trust XL (Achieve) Programme attended a celebration day at the Malta Aviation Museum in Ta’ Qali. More information about the Prince’s Trust is found in the following links:

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Prince Trust XL (jAchieve)
Prince Trust

Prince Trust XL (Achieve)

I didn’t have breakfast today!

It’s not unusual that students come to school with an empty stomach. It means that they are not comfortable going for lessons as their stomach keeps asking for food! Studying is like doing a physical exercise: the mind will ask for a lot of energy. Where will it come from?

Many Maltese schools are providing breakfast for our young ones. What’s happening? Some claim that they wake up late and there is no time for breakfast. Others are simply lazy bones! How can one prepare a simple, practical but fast breakfast? Just have a look at this article and one can discuss with his/her own teenagers/parents.


I can’t remember what I have just read !

It’s a statement made by most students who would like to remember what they have just read especially when it comes to textbooks. Yet sometimes it seems that all is forgotten once the book is closed. Are there any ways to help their memory? Do adults have the same challenge?

What method do you use to remember what you have just read? Would you like to share it with others? In the meantime, read our article.

how to read and remember

Discussion: educating your children

It’s the multi million dollar question: how can we educate our children in the 21st century? It’s not easy to give an answer. Besides, no family has the same personal history! It becomes truly complicated. But it doesn’t stop us from urging a wide and comprehensive discussion from our readers….Click here.

Parents and Teenagers
Father shouting at daughter texting

How to apply for SEC exams

Some students have some difficulties as to how to apply for sec exams.

Actually it’s very simple. Just go to:

Then click on Online Applications and follow instructions.

Please note that one needs an E-ID.  If you don’t have an E-ID you should apply for one. Click on: ahead


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