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December 2017

Last days at school……..A Merry Christmas to all.

The last days at school were full of joy, dancing, music, happiness, eating and getting to know each other. We’re always side by side, yet during these days we managed to see lots of talents,  hidden dispositions and flairs. Teachers got to know their students more and vice-versa. If you’re keen on photos just go to the Photos page. The latest albums are: Breakfast and Zumba; Student’s Talent Show and Panto 2017.

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas Wallpapers

Quddiesa tal-Milied

Nhar l-Erbgħa 20 ta’ Diċembru ġiet iċċelebrata Quddiesa fil-Knisja Arċipretali tal-Mosta bħala parti mill-attivitajiet tal-Milied. Din il-Quddiesa ġiet iċċelebrata minn Fr Alfred Vassallo u fiha ħadu sehem l-istudenti tad-9, 10 u l-11-il sena. Il-kor tal-iskola anima din il-quddiesa b’diversi għanjiet tal-Milied u barra messaġġ minn Fr Alfred inagħata messaġġ minn żewġ studenti. Din is-sena din il-prietka li tradizzjonalment issir f’dan iż-żmien, saret minn Rona u Jean, żewġ studenti tad-9 sena. Iktar ritratti jinsabu f’din il-paġna.


Merry Christmas

Clean Up activity conducted in Wied il-Għasel

The Ekoskola committee participated in a clean up activity in Wied il- Ghasel in collaboration with Mr Cane Vella, YRE litter less campaign and Ekoskola team.  Plastic, metal and glass were collected and eventually taken for recycling.  Plastics are very harmful to the environment, as they crumble down into micro plastics that eventually end up in the food chain.  This activity was very enriching, helping out in making a small area cleaner is very satisfying.  However once this activity was over and we headed to school, we saw huge amounts of plastics along the pavement and in central strips. We never tire to say how important it is to Litter Less, as finally it will affects us, our country and our health. The ekoskola facebook page is found here. Whilst more photos are found in the school album.

Breakfast Brunch on the 20th of December!

Come, eat and have fun! See the picture for more details…

What Is Gamification And Why It Is Not Gaming (I Don’t Want My Child To Play Games All Day!)

If you are looking for an eLearning platform to support your child’s learning, gamification is going to be a feature. If you interpret this term the wrong way, you might say that the last thing parents want their children to do is to play more games on the computer. But hold that thought for a moment. Why is a child is willing to spend hours, sometimes entire weekends, in front of a screen playing a game? Your children love games because they get instant feedback and rewards. We humans love rewards. We are a competitive lot and when we can advance to the next level of a challenge it motivates us to keep going. It makes us feel better that we have accomplished something, and we have! The same is true when we learn. Gamification gives students the incentive to succeed. So when you look for a strong eLearning platform for your child, remember that gamification is a good thing. WE are providing a set of links for students in order to improve in various subjects. Please go to links page.


Ways to celebrate advent with your class

Students, teachers and parents do like to celebrate feasts. Well we have just started the season of advent. It’s a great time for celebrations. There are a lot of colours and beautiful adornements. During lessons and at home, students can ask about and experience this unique time of the year. Shops, streets and houses have new colours. All these surroundings can serve as a wonderful lesson for students. For more ideas on how to teach through festivities one can go to several links:

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