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January 2018

Just one single student

We are continuing our collection of positive news around the world. We hate simply the find negative news about bombs, fighting etc…in our news supplier. We would like to read more positive kind of news.

Founder of ARK (Acts of Random Kindness) Club, Sabrina Ma transformed her school with small acts of kindness. The club regularly performs creative random acts of kindness, including a kindness flash mob of smiles, hugs and connection. She started ARK with only ten fellow students but these kind acts soon inspired over 300 students to join in on the fun. The club even rippled beyond her school; soon after, 27 other schools started their own ARK clubs. Tagging each other with compliments, surprising fellow students with generosity, ARK imbues the school with positivity and joy. Just go to this link.(Story no. 3)


Karma tube
Karma Tube

Eko-Skola New Projects

Dear All,

This year we are involved in many new exciting projects. We are trying to get funds to buy more herbs to increase the number of hedges along the footpaths of the garden. We are also trying to obtain funds to install a rainwater catchment system in the garden which will then feed the now present drip irrigation system.

We open the garden during breaks and clean it regularly. We are planning to plough the garden in the coming days.  However, please feel free to use the garden in any of your lessons or meetings. There are keys in the Assistant Head’s office and also at the caretakers. We just kindly ask you to ensure that there is no vandalism and no littering.

Another project that we are working on is related to the Litter Less Campaign. We asked all students to take a selfie in a littered area and then these pictures will be used to make a collage and printed on a poster. Students who send relevant photos will be awarded 5 points in the E1.

The Ekoskola Committee

ps if you want to participate, just have a look at the picture below!

Eko-Skola Mosta Secondary School

Geometrical Constructions

Some students have rightly asked for help regarding Geometrical Constructions. We are providing a link to an interesting link besides some interesting powerpoint presentations. The links are found here:

ppt presentations

For more interesting links to educational websites, just visit the links webpage.

A great thanks to Ms Maria Violet Salomone for sharing her resources!


Constructions in Geometry
Constructions in Geometry


Time-Table for Half Yearly Exams: February 2018

Here is the full time-table for our Half Yearly Exams. HY Exams TT 2018

HY Exams
HY Exams


“Your Voice affects me!”

The students who are involved in the drama group and in the school choir took part in a workshop in December, organised by the drama group. The workshop was called “Your voice affects me” and it was part of the Culture Pass – an initiative organised by the Arts Council Malta. During this workshop, the students saw the effects that different tones of voices have on our reaction. They watched a short dance performance and were involved in a discussion.

Later, they worked in groups to bring out a particular emotion, first by particular tones of voices and then through body language only. This workshop gave the students a chance to perform on stage and understand how our unconscious body gestures can have a positive or negative effect on our audience. Click on the Photos page to see the pictures of Your Voice Affects Me.


Mocktails prepared by Form 5s

On Wednesday 10th January the Form 5s Hospitality group made 3 different types of mocktails that they had learned about in class. This was a a practical lesson. They had to follow different methods and presentation touches. The three types of  mocktails were sunset that had a built up method. It was different from the others as Passion and After Eight were shaken. They are refreshing drinks with different tastes. These mocktails were presented to the Head of School and Assistant Heads. One can see the result in these pictures. Thanks to Jessica Schembri for the write up.



Homework: Yes or No ? How much?

The benefits of homework have been debated by teachers and parents for years as the very word might evoke some negative connotations to everyone involved: students, parents and teachers. Although some people think of homework as doing more harm than good by causing copious amounts of unnecessary stress to everyone, others believe that it has great advantages for children by encouraging them to think more independently outside the classroom. Just click on this link to have your say!

Home Work

London Edexcel Examinations

We ​would like to inform you that the London Edexcel Examinations applications are open between Tuesday 2nd January and Monday 15th January 2018.  Students have to apply online on using the same procedure as that of the Matsec Exams.

Candidates who didn’t pay for their Matsec exams or need to change the paper may do so during the late application period between the 8th and 10th January 2018. Any changes will be subject to the same conditions and additional fees applicable for late registration. 

Edexcel London Examinations special arrangement forms, must be submitted at the Examinations Department Floriana, by not later than Monday 19th January 2018. 

Your co-operation and commitment are greatly appreciated. In case of difficulties, speak to Ms Borg (Assistant Head).

edexcel exmas

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