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March 2018

Carnival Art Competition

The Prize Giving Ceremony for the Carnival Painting Competition was held on the 13th of March 2018 at the National School Support Services Department, Hamrun.  This competition was organised by the Projects and Initiatives Section within the Directorate for Educational Services.  Pamela Lee Micallef a Form 5 Art Option Student placed first from amongst all the participating Secondary Schools whilst Mariah Micallef, her twin sister, was awarded the second prize. Both students won a prize voucher together with a certificate commemorating this event.  Certificates of participation were also presented to the winning artists as well as to all our Art students who participated in this competition.  These are: Marija Ellul, Matilde Ferrario, Jacob Farrugia, Bradley Theuma, Ann Cilia, Daniela Muscat, Sara Ayadi and Francesca Sant.


carnival competition 1Pamela Lee Micallef receiving the first prize certificate and voucher


carnival competition 2Mariah Micallef receiving the second prize certificate and voucher


Grow Ten Trees

Today Ekoskola students together with some other form 3 students took up a challenge set by the Facebook group ‘Grow 10 trees’. They used seeds of indigenous trees donated by the same group. Students marked each pot, so when eventually the trees start to sprout we can then identify them. Trees include Judas tree, Virgi, Tree Medick, Fula tal-klieb amonst others.
More pics here:
Grow Ten Trees
Grow Ten Trees

Eko-Skola with an upcoming project

Ekoskola committee today launched this month’s upcoming project. The form 3 students will be shown some video clips about litter and the problem of pollution. This will be followed by a surprise in the coming weeks. ,… More work is in progress. We will keep you updated.  ( this is linked with pics taken in hall)
Committee members checking watering pump and drip irrigation to make sure trees and hedges are being watered regularly  (linked with pic of student opening pump box)
More photos are here.
A word document can be read here:Eko-Skola report 2018 litter

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