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May 2018

Prize day 2018

This years prize day took place on the 27th of April.  As always it has a lot of prominence in our school calendar.  On this day, many students are awarded for their scholastic efforts whilst others are awarded special prizes for various reasons including effort, altruism and leadership skills to mention but a few.

The ceremony also acknowledges and brings out the different talents our students may have in creative arts.  This years play was entitled “The tale of the Magic Lamp”, which was based on the story of Aladdin.

All students, deserve a round of applause.

Photos from the play can be viewed in this post.

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Job Exposure

Each year our students from year 10 are presented with the opportunity to be involved in “Job exposure” a one week experience, which opens students to the world of work.

The photos shown depict some of these experiences.

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Annual 2018

This ts the timetable for 2018 Annual.  Exams start on 12th June and end on 28th June.

Manage your time well, take your studying seriously so that you can reap the results.

Good luck to all.


Financial Literacy Event

All Form 4 Business and Accounting students were involved in preparing an activity that was to be used at the Financial Literacy Event organised by the EO and HOD’s of these subjects.  A number of these form 4 students attended the event to represent our activity and to take part in the activities organised by other schools.  The event took place on the 26th of April, 2018 at the Hall of St Nicholas College, Secondary School, Dingli.

Whilst running their own stand, these students had the opportunity to practice peer teaching, increase their presentation skills and gain self-confidence.  Whilst participating in other stands they learnt from others through play, games and quizzes.

Accounting students were exposed to business studies material while Business students had the opportunity to work out some minor accounting calculations.  Students met and interacted with students from various schools and they had positive feedback about this.

Well done to all participants.

Serata muziko-letterarja – 14th May 2018

As part of the Education+ program, in collaboration with Pjazza Teatru Rjal, two of our students have represented our school in a concert which took place in the Green Room of Pjazza Teatru Rjal, in the evening of the 14th of May.  Leighton John DeMicoli played a Ballade from Burgmuller on the piano, while Grace Wilson-Virgo sang “Wishing you were somehow here again” from the Phantom of the Opera.  She was accompanied by Leighton on the piano.  I would like to say thank you to both students for their commitment to break rehearsals and for volunteering to take part in this concert.  Well done! – Ms. Sabrina

Flying Litter and Our Schools’ Participation in the College Fest Activity

Flying litter … the journey of one plastic bag from our school, through Wied il-Għasel and the Sea. It only takes one breeze !
Stop littering
College Fest Activity – Ekoskola and students council worked together to inform college students about the problem of littering and the importance of recycling.

Drama group outing at Popeye Village on Monday 30th April

The cast who was involved in the Prize Day Production “The tale of the Magic Lamp” were involved in an outing at Popeye Village.  Every year, as a treat, we take our drama students for a day of educational fun.  The students had the opportunity to watch a short sketch of Popeye’s story, they were involved in many team building games, they played mini-golf in groups and they also took part in a short sketch themselves.  The drama teachers would like to give their heartfelt thanks to all students for their hard work and commitment!

Prize Day Production – Clips from behind the scene


These are some pictures taken during for the play “The tale of the magic lamp”.  The students were involved in the making of some props and also in other preparations necessary for the show.  The drama teachers would also like to thank all the teachers and technicians who have helped us.  Thanks a million!

Great Results from the “Litter Less Campaign”

Eko-Skola report 2018 litter report

Well done indeed.Green hedgehogs by Hayley CiliaYRE RESULTS 2018

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