Well, if we write that books are important, it seems to be just a normal sentence. How can we show the importance of reading? Well somebody said that a book,  is a person’s best friend. Do you need a true friend? Well just go and discover what other people have already said about….anything. Sometimes we think that our challenges are not normal…..till you read a book and you discover that people living thousands of kilometres away are facing the same challenges!

Besides, remember that a subject cannot be dealt with in a few lines (eg: some lines on facebook), it needs more pages to explain fully a challenging title. In this sense, a book is the best answer.

Books Hit Parade (latest popular books – hard copy – not free) One can connect with living authors!!

Free e-books (one of the greatest collections so far)

The Online Books Page (free online books)

Online books 2

Free Online Books

Read books online

Free online books by Amazon

Free ebooks

Free ebooks 2

Book Depository (Hard copies)

Agenda Malta (Hard Copies)

Merlin Malta (Hard Copies)

Agius and Agius (Hard Copies)

Notwithstanding all these resources, don’t forget that in our school, there is a very well equipped library where our librarians keep it up-to-date. One can ask for help or ask any kind of questions regarding books. Enjoy!