Scholastic Year 2017-2018.

 New Scholastic Year Mass For Maria Regina College Visit By Russian Teachers
 Visit by Ms Michelle Muscat A visit to nearby Sicily Clean Up
 Christmas Mass Breakfast and Zumba  Student’s Talent Show
 Panto 2017  Mocktails Your Voice affects me
 Eko-Skola March 2018 Eko-Skola 2  Grow Ten Trees 

Scholastic Year 2016-2017. All photos appearing on this page were taken by our professional photographer Mr. Anthony Grech.

 Dun Karm 2016  Mass for New Scholastic Year  Sicily 2016
 Photography  Environmental Studies  Zumba
 Visit by Hon Minister/Opening of Ġnien l-Ilwien  Video of the Minister’s visit to our School.  Ash Wednesday
 Commonwealth Day  History Option Outing  Cyber Crime Talk
 Presentation On Educational Values  Robotics 2017  Music Option Outing
 Malta Mathematics Olympiad  Sports Day 2017  Form 5 Graduation Ceremony 2017
 Form 5 Trekking Majjistral Park  Vintage Make-Up Photoshoot  Form 5 Last Day at School
 Celebration Day 2017  Come What May  Maths Trail at Mdina
 Maths at Esplora

Scholastic Year 2015-2016

Sports Ground

Jum Dun Karm

Planting of Trees

Pink October

Sports Day

Activities during November

 Christmas Mass


Christmas Concert and Panto

Christmas Brunch

The Principal visits our School

Friday 29th January

Carnival Photos

Brighten Up Our School

Diversity 1 Mass for Form 5

Form 5 Farewell

Our Lady of Sorrows

Our Garden

Diversity 2

Green Flag

Head’s Farewell Party

Scholastic Year 2014-2015

 Graduation 2014-2015

Local Council 2014

Exposition April 2015

November 2014

Activity April 2015

photos April 2015

Day 2015

by Ms Michelle Muscat

Up Our Day March