Our school has been participating in this programme for more than 6 years now and so far has been awarded 3 green flag and one bronze award.

1st green Flag: reducing waste and improving our school environment

2nd Green Flag: for healthy living 

3rd Green Flag: for the Garden Refurbishing and Borehole Project to replenish the Underground Water Table together with the help and coordination of Ing. Marco Cremona.

This borehole project is being funded by the HSBC Catch the Drop Campaign following a grant of 2,780 Euros. This year’s green flag is being recognized by UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (received_10209690367322186http://www.ekoskola.org.mt/resource/climate-change-and-lifestyles-for-youths/). This means that standards of such an award have been raised by yet another level. For each and every year the Ekoskola skola committee was selected by an election spread across the school population and committee members are then appointed. The actions to tackle each time is decided following the requested Ekoskola 7 steps:

1. Ekoskola Committee

2. Environmental Review

3. Action Plan

4. Monitoring and Evaluation

5. Curriculum Work

6. Informing and involving


Apart from the Green Flag our school will also be awarded for the first time the LEAF (Learning About Forests) Award which is another mile step through the Ekoskola Programme. This Programme aims to increase the knowledge of forests and all its values with products and activities, and deepen the understanding among the youth. The Programme will stimulate activities that will help students to reach a higher degree of environmental maturity, irrespective of age, stage and previous experiences.


Our School has also won the YRE AWARD (Young Reporters for Environment) 15-18 category for the best article by Francesca Maria Sant with the report “ What goes around comes around: Farming and the Nitrates in the water table). More photos are found here.